03:34 minwith sound


Slave to my toes

You're such a sucker for my long toes on my big, sexy feet that it doesn't even matter what shape they're in anymore, does it? I don't mind giving into your wishes to drool and jerk off my awesome tootsies one bit, but last minute like this? Well, you're just going to have to suck it up and deal with callused, fuzzy feet that have been milling around my house, collection dirt and dust all morning before I finally sat down and decided to kick them up for your viewing pleasure. I spread & wiggles my toes, scrunch up my soles and give you and up close and personal voyeur view of my amazing size 9's in all their dirty glory as I browse around on my phone and ignore the camera. It's obvious you need to see them in every way, shape and state of "undress" and I definitely don't mind helping, hehe. 

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